HRT benefits versus risks – an individual’s choice!

When I ask women about their main concern regarding using HRT, they invariably will say they worry about the risk of breast cancer. So, I feel it is really important for women to understand the true risks involved so they can make an informed choice. Studies have shown that for the majority of women, the breast cancer risk associated with HRT is very small – in fact, drinking a large glass of wine each evening increases your risk of developing breast cancer more than HRT does. There are even some forms of HRT that are actually associated with a lower overall risk of breast cancer.

It is also important to add that HRT has significant positive health benefits, particularly relating to your heart and bones. When all these factors are considered, the health gains to be had from taking HRT often far outweigh the potential risks.

What is important is that women receive individualised advice, taking into account their own circumstances. Doing this allows women to make a personalised risk and benefit assessment, so they can then choose if HRT is right for them.

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