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  • Sara P

    I had an early menopause in my 20s now 54, no longer on hrt but sffering chronic vaginal tightness and dryness. I am using the vaginal oestrogen pessaries but not really helping

    • admin

      Vaginal symptoms are really common during the menopause. Vaginal estrogen is usually very effective. It might be you are not using quite enough. I usually recommend using it every day for 2 weeks to settle things down, then using it 2-3 times a week. The safety data is based on using 50mcg/week (based on the old product that was 25mcg/vaginal tablet – the new vagifem dose is only 10mcg/tablet). Therefore, I usually say it can be safely used up to 5 times a week if needed. However, if this is not improving your symptoms you should visit your GP for review as there may be other issues causing your symptoms.

  • Lisa

    So I’m on the oestrogen gel (daily 3 pumps) and the progesterone tablets (2weeks). I’ve been getting on just fine but am now finding my monthly bleeds are becoming erratic. I.e late or like this month, not at all. The problem is I really NEED to come on. I have all the symptoms of PMT/bloating/retention/grumpy and it’s not passing! Originally I was bleeding monthly during the oestrogen phase with little ‘hormonal build up’ and life was lovely. Now I’m feeling a hormonal mess on a rollercoaster. Is this normal? Any ideas?
    TIA X

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