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Can the emergency contraceptive pill be delivered to your door?

It was interesting to read this article about how the makers of ellaOne have started offering ‘same day delivery’ to women requiring the emergency contraceptive pill – in fact they can deliver it within 3hrs to women living in the Greater London area. However this does come at a cost – £44.90 according to this article.

All of this got me thinking about ways in which women can access emergency contraceptive pills – so here’s a summary in case you need to know!

  • All types of emergency contraceptive pills can be accessed free of charge

They can be accessed either at your GP surgery, your local ICASH or GUM clinic or other contraception clinics (eg Brook Centres), NHS walk-in centres or via A+E (but I would strongly encourage the latter to only be used as a last resort).

Unfortunately, situations can sometimes arise that mean accessing these free sources is not always possible. Therefore the emergency contraceptive pill is also available to buy.

It can be bought in most pharmacies and can now also be ordered online by a number of pharmacies for collection later the same day or delivery the next – or even same day delivery as offered with ellaOne (although there is geographical restriction for some of these services). Unfortunately the prices can vary for these options – ranging from about £20 up to £45.

All of these services do still require a few questions to be answered to ensure you are being offered the most appropriate treatment and so that you can make an informed choice about what you want to use.

One final point I feel all women requiring emergency contraception should know – by far, the most effective emergency contraceptive available is the copper coil (copper IUD) – I’d always recommend considering this first!

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